Lauren McManus

Lauren started dancing ballet, jazz, and modern at a very young age. She started taking group fitness classes in college to replace the void of many hours of dance that were leftover. What Lauren loves most about the group fitness atmosphere is the way you can work individually, focus on your own body, while still being around a team of people all looking to complete similar goals. In Lauren’s classes, she always looks to encourage a space where you can tune out whatever is going on outside of the room, and click into a space that is more mindful of your body and more focused on your personal health & goals.

“Come into class to work, stay focused on your task, and you will get the most results. Sometimes we all need to be in a space where we feel like we can hand over the reigns and let someone else hold us accountable for the things we already knew we could do (and maybe some extra things we didn’t even realize we could!)”


Lauren’s favorite way to sweat?

Group fitness classes that combine things like agility, strength, and endurance are the most rewarding for me. It is a learned skill to be able to listen to directions and apply those verbal cues to move your body in a certain way. Places like Sweatbox especially allow you build that skill, training your body and mind at the same time.