Stephen Klagholz

A lifelong athlete and a biochemist by day, Stephen infuses each SweatBox
class with a signature mix of positivity and energy as well as the science
behind each sweat session. A firm believer in the idea that exercise is
medicine, Stephen will push you to challenge yourself and to be present in
the moment–to really take the time to show up for yourself, your body, and
your mind.

“Going to the gym or hitting an exercise class shouldn’t be a chore or
another thing you feel you have to check off your to-do list! I truly
believe that fitness is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle and it
can be fun! When you come to my class, I want you to know that your plate is
clear. There’s nothing else for you to do but focus on yourself in a
healthy, positive, and rejuvenating way.”

Favorite way to sweat:

I love incorporating gymnastics and calisthenics into workouts. Doing so
challenges my ability to control my own bodyweight. This type of functional
movement is essential to longevity and … the cool tricks don’t hurt
either. You can usually find me practicing my dragon flags and planche holds
in some corner of VIDA!