Shawn Morris

Shawn’s passion for movement and helping people achieve their fitness goals began with his own journey to get healthy and fit. After losing around 40 pounds himself, he decided to share his newfound love of fitness with others. This journey has brought him through almost every area of physical fitness. He offers a strong background in personal training, group fitness, cycling, sports, and various styles of lifting. His coaching style is to push you to your limits by helping you realize your own strength. Form, function, and intensity are his highest priorities. Expect an experience in his class! Come for the workout and enjoy the high energy music, a little humor to distract you from the hell you are going through and maybe even a little twerk or two in the process.

“Be amazing! Be Kind! Be a little bit extra! Be strong AF!”


The higher the intensity the better! I don’t care if it is heavy clean and jerks, sprints on the bike, or a 20 minute AMRAP. I want to push my limits- faster, heavier, more!