Isiah Muñoz

Isiah Muñoz has been an athlete since he could walk. This former soccer player has a strong performance training background, from training professional athletes to developing programs for individual clients. Don’t expect any frilly workouts from Isiah as his focus is on form, movement patterns and making sure exercises are being performed 100% correctly 100% of the time.

“I motivate clients to complete tough workouts by reminding them that it’s all in their head. If you’re in the midst of a tough workout and you believe you can get through it…you will. If you don’ won’t. Sometimes we just have to put our head down and grind it out.”

Isiah’s favorite way to sweat:

SweatBox baby! SweatBox challenges my muscular strength and cardio endurance more efficiently and with more intensity than I would train on my own. I love the feeling of being covered in sweat, muscles tired and heart pumping at the end of a class!