Alexx Griffin

A strong believer in “tough love,” Alexx Griffin develops creative workouts that challenge and change your mind and body. Like many of us, Alexx struggled with his weight growing up and understands the barriers people face when starting the journey to transform their body. He is passionate about helping clients achieve a healthier versions of themselves and won’t let you give up easy. Alexx always pushes you to go faster, heavier, and holds you accountable for every last rep. You show up for a reason, and he isn’t going to let a minute of your workout go to waste!

“You’re here to change your body and I’m here to help. It takes hard work to get results, so there’s no slacking in my classes. I give 100% and I expect nothing less.”

Alexx’s favorite way to sweat:

Leading heart-pumping Zumba and Cycle classes, and mastering the SweatBox training method with his fellow SweatBosses!