Sweatbox 101

New to SweatBox or just need a refresher? SweatBox 101 is our free intro class with a detailed orientation to our workout program, equipment, and data driven technology.

Let’s Start With You

First, we’ll start with some basic, body weight exercises (squats, push-ups, etc.) to get your baseline and coach you up on the optimal alignment for each movement. This also helps us better understand any injuries, limitations, or restrictions so we can properly adjust your future workouts accordingly.

The Tools

XT Trainer: How do I get into these things?

SweatBox DC

We’ll show you how to safely and effectively get in and out of the XT Trainer and make personal adjustment to the straps. Next, you’ll learn many of the foundational movements that you can expect in a typical SweatBox class, such as the chest press, triceps extension, row, biceps curl, hamstring curl, and even a plank with your feet suspended above the floor. Efficiency is key, so we’ll teach you how to effectively transition from one exercise to the next so you’re ready to push the pace during our regular classes. Our goal is to make sure everyone leaves SweatBox 101 fully proficient in each movement and with a big boost of confidence!




The IC7 bike: What’s the deal with all these colors?

SweatBox DCWe’ll have you start pedaling while we explain each of the numbers lighting up on your console monitor. There’s a lot of data in front of you, but we promise it will all make perfect sense by the time you leave the studio. You’ll also learn how to maintain constant wattage levels while adjusting your resistance and speed.

Most importantly, you’ll take your FTP Test to get your unique FTP number, which will calibrate your bike to your personal fitness level going forward. The FTP Test is a series of 4 minute intervals that increase in difficulty, and you’ll get a pretty good workout in the process. We also recommend retesting every 6 weeks to track your progress and adjust your FTP number accordingly!




MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor: Do I need one?

SweatBox DCAbsolutely! Your MYZONE belt is the linchpin of the SweatBox experience and you simply will not reach your full potential without one. Our approach to everything we do at SweatBox is QUANTIFIABLE EFFORT. QUANTIFIABLE RESULTS. Our program design incorporates heart rate training, and we’ll show you how to read your individual effort screen that monitors your exertion levels.





Time to Work

SweatBox DCNow it’s time to really start sweating! We kick things off with a couple rounds of floor exercises using the XT trainers and body weight exercises at a tempo that closely matches a regular class. Then, it’s time to put that new FTP number to good use. We’ll finish things off with a 5 minute bike segment for a blast of cardio before a well-deserved cool down. Congratulations, you’ve survived SweatBox 101 and earned yourself a date with our signature eucalyptus towel!





The Aftermath

SweatBox DCMost people have some questions after their first 101 class, and your SweatBoss is there after class to answer them all. We want you to walk away confident and excited to take on your first full class! We’ll also provide details on all of our package options, and talk with you a little more about your personal interests and goals. We can also schedule you for your first full class if you’re ready to get started.