Triathlon Training: Q&A with SweatBoss Collin Ward

Doing SweatBox 3 times a week is proven to make you stronger, healthier, and fitter. For most of us, that’s all the reason we need! However, for those of us who crave a bit more intensity, it’s also a great tool for competitive race training. Two-time triathlete, Ironman finisher, and SweatBoss Collin Ward explains why our SweatBox programming is exactly what you need to get ready for a long distance race!

Tell us a little about the triathlons or other similar races you have done in the past.

I have completed two full distance triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run), the Ironman Louisville and Ironman Arizona. I am currently signed up to compete in my 3rd full distance race next, Ironman Florida. Each year I compete in several half, Olympic or sprint distance triathlons. Once you do your first, you become addicted and keep going back.

What did your training routine consist of leading up to those events?

My training consists of the 3 sports (swimming, biking and running) and I build up increasing the distance of each training until about a month before a race and then I taper down. During the winter months I do a lot of indoor riding, either putting my bike on a bike trainer or taking a lot of cycle classes. The swimming, biking and running are the obvious parts of my training. The not so obvious part is the strength training and stretching (usually through yoga) that I make sure are part of my weekly schedule. The strength training helps with all 3 sports – stronger legs make a faster cycler and runner, and a strong upper body makes you a faster swimmer. But the strength training also helps with recovery. Your body takes a beating during all that endurance training, but the stronger your muscles are bones are the quicker you recover. Yoga also helps with both the recovery (stretching is key) and the strength.

How would SweatBox help someone in training for a big race like that?

I would absolutely recommend SweatBox as a regular part of someone’s triathlon or marathon training. The strength training will help make you faster at all three sports, which will help with your recovery time and help prevent injuries as you put your body through some pretty rigorous trainings. The HIIT training makes your heart strong and ready for all the cardio you are about to take on in your weekly training. Not to mention, it will make you faster. When I do speed work on a track for my running, it is similar to HIIT training where I am spiking my heart rate, and then bringing it back down during a slow jog/run for active recovery. The same goes for the bike or the pool. Overall, SweatBox is going to turn you into a stronger, faster athlete.

What type of results can you expect by doing SweatBox 3x a week?

You can expect to see your times improve. Every muscle we train in SweatBox will help you become faster in your swim, bike or run times because we training all the muscles used in those three activities. For example, a strong core will help with those long bike training rides as you hold a tight, aerodynamic position for long hours and your body takes the impact of every bump on the road.

Do you have any upcoming races, marathons, triathlons etc. that we can keep an eye out for you in?

In May 2018 you can catch me racing in the Florida Half Ironman Race, in July the Williamsburg Half Ironman and then cap it off with the Florida Ironman in November. I will probably throw in an Olympic distance or marathon for fun somewhere in between all that as well. I expect to see some of you out there on the race course with me!


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