Lauren Cederstrom

Lauren is a fitness enthusiast with the belief that workouts should be equal parts challenging, fun, and rewarding. A lifelong athlete, what started as a passion for long distance running in high school quickly snowballed into a love for group fitness in adulthood. She joined the fitness world five years ago as an instructor, teaching spin classes, pilates classes, and HIIT workouts. Lauren has NASM and pilates certifications, emphasizing the how and why of every movement in class to her clients. She believes form is everything, the starting point to build true strength. A self-proclaimed comedian, you’ll be entertained just as much as you are challenged in each workout. Come to Lauren’s class expecting lots of energy, great music, and a hard but fun workout!

“Everyone in my class, regardless of physical ability, should feel like an athlete, move like an athlete, and have the mindset of an athlete. I want people to leave my class feeling not only physically and mentally stronger, but more confident and capable to translate that strength to tackle the everyday challenges life throws our way.”

Favorite way to sweat:

Any HIIT workout will do the trick, but Sweatbox takes the cake as a group fitness class. I’ve taught everything under the sun, and Sweatbox is just above and beyond in efficiency and helping you reach your fitness goals.