Harley Dennis

Harley’s fitness journey stemmed from his desire to help people feel like their strongest self while coming together in fun & uplifting ways. Harley has years of experience as a trained dancer with multiple studios and is also a NASM – Certified Personal Trainer. In his class you will find yourself pushing yourself harder than you ever have, but not realizing it because you’ll feel like you’ve been at a dance party for the last hour. Lame jokes aside, Harley’s high energy and individual attention will leave you sweating and smiling.

“I haven’t always felt comfortable working out or attending group fitness classes and I want to be the trainer people feel like they can connect to and leave my class feeling the best about themself.”

Harley’s favorite way to sweat:

I love a workout where I just get lost in the rhythm of the music and find myself matching my reps to the beat!