Gregg Martin

Gregg is a native to the Washington DC area and has been a group fitness instructor with VIDA Fitness for over ten years.  Although fitness was always an important part of his life, his passion for group fitness evolved from frequently taking classes as a member, prior to getting certified to teach them himself.  Gregg believes this goes to show that the hardest part of group fitness is just showing up – once you’re there, you’ll be hooked!  Gregg’s positive attitude, encouragement, and enthusiasm will motivate you to always get a few more reps and push yourself to new heights while always focusing on proper form & technique.  A dentist by day, Gregg believes in the strong connection between cardiovascular fitness and overall well-being, and feels fortunate to share part of his day with his fitness family to workout & encourage each other.

Favorite way to sweat:

Those special moments during Sweatbox when the room goes dark, the beat drops, and you just push yourself like you never have before: adrenaline pumping, sweat pouring, heart pounding, and calories burning.  There is no better rush!