David Winter

David Winter is an endorphin junkie who loves teaching group fitness, cycling, and using the XT Trainer (a natural fit for a SweatBoss) with over 10 years of experience in fitness. He empowers his clients to push their limits and reach that sense of accomplishment found after a great workout. He completed the Journey of Hope, a 4000 mile cycle ride from San Francisco to DC, which motivated him to help others find that same adrenaline rush.

“I’m high energy at all times! I’m going to safely push you to your limits while creating an environment where people feed off the energy in the room and each other. I like to create experiences that can benefit the seasoned athlete as well as someone new to working out. People are doing SweatBox for the total experience, they want a great workout, an endorphin high, want to learn something, and it needs to be fun!”

David’s favorite way to Sweat:

Interval training is the best way to get your sweat on. It’s efficient, effective, and there are so many options to keep up the intensity. I like to keep my body guessing.