Ashley Delosh

Ashley’s love for all things fitness stems from the connections she makes to it and living life to the fullest. As a busy DC policy professional during the day, Ashley can truly attest that all the benefits of being a part of a thriving fitness community, can generally lend to a person’s positive well-being, inside and outside the gym. Specifically, as a huge advocate of group fitness, she firmly believes in its ability to provide any individual with the motivation, drive, and belief in oneself to accomplish anything, both during and well after any workout. Ashley was drawn to SweatBox from its inception and her love for high-intensity, heart pumping workouts has only grown since. Ashley has NASM and ACE certifications, and coaches with the perspective that each movement has specific significance in terms of mobility, functionality, and purpose. Get ready to get moving right out of the gate in Ashley’s class knowing that she is going to drive you to the final minute!

“I hope to coach the participants in my class well enough so that they leave feeling a sense of accomplishment. I am very cognizant of the fact that physical fitness goals are an extremely personal thing to an individual. My objective is to help people hone in on the specifics of what matters most to them when they train with me. It’s not supposed to be easy, but I believe when you push yourself to the limits and trust in the process, boundaries do not exist.”

Favorite way to sweat:

It’s a really close one for me! Once you get to know me, you’ll learn quickly that I love to shake it in a high octane Zumba class! On the flipside, I just as much love the one-on-one individualized attention I get with my personal trainer. I think what drew me to SweatBox is somewhat a perfect blend of the two: guaranteed high-intensity programming and professional personalized attention. It has been literally incomparable in terms of efficiency and quality when it comes to workouts.