SweatStar: Rebecca Haehnle

Meet Rebecca Haehnle, a 44 year old mother, Parlour Salon co-owner and SweatBox enthusiast! Rebecca took her first SweatBox 101 class with Isiah just over 3 months ago, and has since converted to a regular #SweatVet, taking class regularly 3-4x a week.

Q: What made you decide to try SweatBox 101?

A: I have a group of girlfriends who love working out together and trying new places, so we signed up for SweatBox 101 with Isiah. I wanted to shake up my routine with something different, and my first impression at SweatBox was great! I felt like it was a challenging workout and I loved being able to track my progress with MYZONE.

Q: How were your first two weeks of classes? Did you notice any results right away?

A: I noticed results after my first two weeks. I’m 44 years old, and in the last past year or two it’s been more difficult to see changes in my body and takes more time to recover between workouts. So, to see changes that quickly, felt great. I felt a significant change in my abdominal area pretty quickly. I generally feel a lot stronger and feel my endurance level has moved to the next level.

Q: That’s awesome! What about our workout do you think works so well for you?

A: I really enjoy the all around workout I get from SweatBox. I’m not a big runner, so I really enjoy using the bike instead of a treadmill with this workout. Also, the trainers are exceptional at what they do. They bring a level of enthusiasm that other studios are lacking. They make the workout fun, even when you’re struggling. They’re always there to encourage you to move past the struggle and pain and make it to the finish line!

Q: Tell us a little more about yourself, and any impact that SweatBox has had on your life.

A: I’m 44, married with a beautiful daughter that’s a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m Co Owner of Parlour Salon located a block way on U Street and celebrating 10 years in business next year. I love traveling, kayaking, any activity that gets me outdoors in the sun, and walking all over DC with my beagle Bella. Working out at SweatBox has energized me and helped me to feel stronger and more confident. I love working out here!

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