Combat boredom…destroy plateaus…SweatBox is an addictive workout experience that you simply can’t quit. FINALLY, the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular endurance while building lean muscle mass and improving flexibility. We combine aerobic and anaerobic intervals to achieve optimal performance levels within a 50-minute training period. The SweatBox training method originated in the scientific principles of Heart Rate Training, resulting in a unique workout experience based on what makes you…well, you. SweatBox utilizes your individual Heart Rate and Beats Per Minute (BPM) targets to deliver personalized training with quantifiable results and trackable performance metrics. This combination results in accelerated weight loss, fat burning, muscle growth and improved cardiovascular endurance.
The SweatBox experience begins with high-energy music, colorful LED lighting, and your amazingly dynamic SweatBoss (basically what we would otherwise call your instructor if we were boring). From start to finish, we will ask you to push harder, sweat more, and give everything you have to achieve results you did not know were within reach.

Large display monitors located outside the studio proudly unveil your minute-by-minute results at the conclusion of every class. Share, encourage, and connect with others who just had the same mind-blowing and body-rocking experience. SweatBox is not just the next big thing in fitness…it’s the next big thing, period.

SweatBox alternates between powerful blasts of cardio and strength exercises with periods of active recovery to obtain a targeted percentage of your maximum heart rate (generally ranging from 60-95%). It is this foundation that allows your body to build muscle while burning calories and increasing aerobic capacity. Your body will continue burning calories even after the workout is over, which speeds up your metabolism and expedites fat loss. While every workout is different, you will have your own dedicated station of dumbbells, Aktiv Straps, and the revolutionary IC7 Coach by Color indoor cycle. We limit our class size so each participant receives the individual instruction you need for a technically superior workout, while maximizing gains and minimizing risk of injury.
So, how do we know so much about your individual heart rate? How do we track your progress? SweatBox uses the advanced technology of MYZONE heart rate monitors to upload your baseline metrics and monitor every second of your workout. This marks the first time anyone has combined IC7 Coach by Color with MYZONE in one studio.

What does that mean to you? Well, it means that we push you relative to your own unique conditioning, while providing real-time feedback via an easy-to-follow color queue that appears on your indoor cycle and throughout the entire studio.

All of your historical workouts are downloaded via Bluetooth technology right to your smart phone. You can even connect with your friends on the MYZONE app and track your progress with the built-in monthly leaderboards. The social integration component also allows you to view your friends’ workouts in real time and congratulate them on their success, which adds a truly innovative social accountability aspect to exercise.