What Is SweatBox?

SweatBox is an exhilarating, heart-pumping workout that will push your body in ways you never dreamed possible. Combining cardio & strength training into one electrifying workout, you’ll be challenged through high-intensity interval training driven by instructors who help pull out your inner athlete. SweatBox focuses on the experience and energy you feel during your time in the studio. Between the flashing colorful lights and energetic music, your adrenaline will carry you through the workout, and bring out the best in you throughout class. It’s a program like no other, and it adds that missing spark you’re craving in your daily workout that you might not accomplish on your own. It’s a great way to break out of the old routine, and try something different that will challenge and trick your muscle groups.

Why Does SweatBox work?

SweatBox is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, that rotates between cardio segments (using your body weight or our coach-by-color bikes), and strength training on the floor. HIIT is the optimal workout for your body since it focuses on spiking your heart rate higher and lowers it back again into a more workable area. This constant fluctuation allows your body to burn more fat while improving conditioning and stamina between sets. You typically work between 60-95% of your maximum heart rate throughout class, which includes periods of active recovery. Your body will even continue to burn fat after you leave the studio, which ultimately accelerates fat loss and your metabolism. SweatBox clients have been known to burn up to 1,000 calories in class – so you know our program is no joke!

Why chose SweatBox over any other program?

SweatBox is unique in its design, in which it never allows your body to get too comfortable performing the same workout over and over again. Our studio utilizes MyZone technology, which allows you to track your heart rate, caloric burn, and MEPs (an instrument designed to reward points based on how hard you’re working) throughout class. This allows clients to track their progress, and push themselves to the next level as they continue with our program. Our unique and state-of-the-art coach by color bikes, allow you to enter a number at the start of your workout, which controls how challenging your rides will be. As you spend more time in SweatBox, you’ll be able to raise your FTW (functional threshold of watts) number on the bike, which challenges your body and allows you to continue to grow with the program. We offer a wide variety of weights in the studio – so as you achieve new milestones, you can always grab a heavier set to continue pushing your body to the next level. We continue to challenge your body if you’ve been visiting us for one week or one year…so you continue to be pushed, and crush your goals regardless of how long you’ve been training with us.

What types of equipment and exercises will I be expected to do in SweatBox?

Another unique aspect of SweatBox is our ability to incorporate new exercises periodically. You’ll be assigned your own station when you enter the studio, which includes your bike, rack of weights, and XT trainers. You will work inside your box for the duration of class, so you always have your own personal area to work in. We also utilize your natural body weight for exercises such as burpees, different modifications of push-ups, ab work, and short cardio blasts. We have three different types of classes which focus on different parts of the body and different muscle groups, which dictate the kind of movements you will be primarily focusing on during class. We also have a variety of weighted medicine balls which we use during strength sets, and a long-standing #SweatVet favorite…medicine ball slams! We are constantly throwing new exercises into the mix so you’re always being pushed, and your body never plateaus or gets too comfortable doing the same thing day-in and day-out.

Is SweatBox for everyone?

100% yes! A common misconception about SweatBox is that “It looks too hard”, or “I have to be in great shape to try the class”. This couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. We have clients from all ends of the spectrum…from those who are novice to working out, to those who hit the gym on a regular basis. We will always help you and give you attention to make sure your form and technique is the best it can be, and offer modifications for almost every exercise. This way you’ll be challenged and work your way up the ladder as you grow with our program. We want to help you grow to crush your personal goals, and our unique workout can help you get there – regardless of your current fitness level.