SweatBox Member Profile: Kelsey Schulman

Kelsey SchulmanPregnancy hasn’t slowed down Kelsey Schulman. The mother-to-be continues to power through SweatBox classes on the regular, and we’re so impressed with her determination and discipline that we had to learn more! We caught up with Kelsey to chat about staying active during pregnancy, the significance of modifications, and why she calls SweatBox “a true weekly treat.”

Why do you think it’s important for women to stay active throughout a pregnancy?

Staying active during pregnancy is of utmost importance! Thus far, my pregnancy has gone extremely smooth, and I attribute that to staying active. Are my workouts the same as they were just six months ago? Of course not. However, I go into each workout ready to give it my all knowing that my primary concern and focus is to keep my baby and myself healthy. Every pregnancy is different. No two women are the same. I would suggest following any restrictions your physician may give you. There are many women who may not be able to complete high intensity workouts, but they can stay active in other ways.

How long have you been going to SweatBox? How many classes a week do you typically take?

My husband and I have been members of SweatBox since shortly after it opened. We generally take one to two classes per week, primarily as a supplement to our weekly workout routine.

What do you most enjoy about SweatBox?

Sweatbox is a true weekly treat! I love the workout structure. It has greatly improved my strength capabilities and endurance. The high energy, loud music, and enthusiasm make the hour fly by. It’s a great workout — one that can’t be replaced. The instructors are motivating, helpful, and keep you wanting more each week.

How has working out at SweatBox affected your pregnancy?

Working out during pregnancy has been an aide in keeping my weight gain at a minimum while maintaining my muscle tone and cardiovascular strength. Aside from those obvious reasons, I am optimistic that SweatBox and other high intensity workouts will facilitate a smooth, easy labor and quick recovery. A girl can hope!

How do you modify some of the exercises in SweatBox to accommodate your pregnancy?

First and foremost, I listen to my body. If something hurts or feels uncomfortable, I tone it down or stop. Specifically, I keep the jumping at a minimum (instead of squat jumps I choose to do static squats with added weight). As my pregnancy progresses, I am cautious about inversions and ab work like crunches. This is to avoid the disorder diastasis recti, where the rectus abdominis muscles separate and leave a gap in your postpartum belly, which causes that pooch stomach that us girls all try to avoid.

What are some of your main fitness and wellness goals, and how does SweatBox help you reach them?

Currently my main fitness and wellness goal is to just stay active and keep doing what I’ve been doing for as long as possible! SweatBox allows me to continue working out as usual while modifying as necessary. The instructors are knowledgeable, and I know they keep a lookout to ensure I’m safe.

How long do you plan to continue taking SweatBox classes during your pregnancy?

As long as I can! Ideally up until the week I go into labor. I plan to return postpartum as soon as I receive approval from my obstetrician.

What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about trying SweatBox for the first time?

Try it before making any assumptions. One of the great things about SweatBox is you can tailor it to you. There’s no one changing the resistance on the bike or picking weights for you. You choose what’s best for you. It’s a fantastic one-hour workout that you won’t regret!

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