The Pre-Sweat

Click our ‘buy sessions’ tab and create an account. Once you have an account you can select the class package you’d like to purchase!
Our schedule is released on a rolling 7-day basis, so you can plan for the week ahead.
After purchasing sessions, click the ‘Reserve’ tab in the top left corner. Select the station you’d like to use, hit Reserve and you’re set!
A single class is $34, but you save big by purchasing one of our many packages available, all designed for different levels of attendance. The most cost effective is our unlimited model, which brings the cost per class down to under $19 when attending the recommended 3x a week.
Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled class time. At this point we will start assigning unclaimed stations to those on the waiting list. First time? We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to class start so we can get you set up on your bike (the first time is always tricky!), introduce you to your SweatBoss and make sure you’re comfortable before class begins.
Yourself, comfortable workout clothes & shoes, and a water bottle! We strongly recommend a change of clothes for afterwards, because that dry-fit shirt won’t stand a chance.
Nope! Since we alternate between the bike and strength work on the floor, regular shoes work much better for the transitions. Cycle shoes are not recommended for SweatBox.
We have a 12-hour cancellation policy*. If you cancel your session with less than 12-hours notice you will be charged for the class and the class will be deducted from your total session count. There is a $15 late cancel fee for First 2 weeks unlimited clients that cancel with less than 12-hours notice. *The cancellation window for Unlimited Monthly Members is 6 hours. There is a $15 fee for cancelations made outside of this 6-hour window.
If there’s space, then yes. However, we strongly recommend you reserve online to guarantee your spot and select the station of your choice.
We recommend eating something small that will give you energy 45-60 minutes before SweatBox. A light snack composed of protein and carbs, such as a peanut butter and banana sandwich or apple and protein shake are both great options. Most importantly, don’t forget to HYDRATE! Start drinking water as soon as you wake up to make sure you’re properly hydrated for SweatBox.
Time to refuel! Grab some protein & carbs asap to replenish the muscles that you just broke down. Make a stop at the Fuel Bar on your way out to get a delicious, protein-rich smoothie to enjoy on your way home.
We close the door 5 minutes before class begins to allow our clients time to get set up before class begins. Since SweatBox follows a strict format and requires a few minutes of set-up, you’ve gotta be on time to get the full experience. Late arrivals disrupt everyone else in class, so we cannot allow you to enter if you’re late.
Yes! Your check-in attendant will show you how to work the locks with your personal, digital code. Just make sure you remember your combination!
SweatBox has plenty of modifications for all fitness levels and those recovering from injury. However, our program follows a strict format each day targeting a specific muscle group – so we recommend checking with your SweatBoss first to see if that day’s program will work with your injury. We recommend having a doctor clear you for exercise before doing SweatBox and are happy to help you find the class format where you’ll feel most successful!

In the SweatBox

SweatBox uses three modalities (indoor cycling, XT training, and floor work) all within your designated station. You’ll switch between these components during our expertly timed 50 minute workout which is designed to take you through all four heart rate training zones and includes periods of active recovery. Your SweatBoss will guide you through the smooth & quick transitions from the bike to the floor, so all you have to do is show up ready to Sweat.
Not at all! Our bikes are customizable to each rider’s fitness level and we offer a variety of weights to choose from at each station. The XT Trainer exercises are modifiable just by adjusting your body position, so you control the level of difficulty.
Absolutely. We offer a variety of weights so you can go as heavy as you want, and you control the difficulty of your XT Trainer by adjusting the angle of your body. Plus, the IC7 doesn’t allow any slacking off and will customize your ride to your fitness level.
The IC7 is unique in the indoor cycling world, as it is the only bike that allows you to enter your biometric information and conditioning levels before starting the ride. By manipulating your speed & resistance, you’ll pedal through a series of four color zones that monitor your power wattage at all times. Each color zone represents a different level of effort exertion based on your own information that you programmed into the bike, so people of all fitness levels can work at the exact same effort level relative to their bodies.
Your FTW test is basically your first date with the IC7. FTW stands for Functional Threshold Wattage – or the maximum amount of power you can produce on your bike working aerobically. You’ll determine what your personal FTW number is by taking the FTW test. During the test your SweatBoss will lead you through four-minute segments on the bike with increasing intensity each time. The amount of time you last on the bike determines your FTW number, which you’ll be able to punch into the bike during an actual SweatBox class. We recommend re-taking your FTW test every 4-6 weeks to evaluate improvements in your fitness level.
You can, but we don’t recommend it. Your SweatBoss will help you estimate your FTW number for the bike portion to ensure you still get a great workout. The easiest way to get your personalized FTW number is to register for one of our FTW Orientation classes.
Our three SweatBox formats focus on different muscle groups so you can pick and choose what you want to focus on that week. alternates being pushing & pulling motions, so you can expect a lot of chest, back and shoulder work. Work on those problem areas (Arms, Abs & Ass) in our format – designed to target lower body, core, bi’s & tri’s. Looking for a full body workout? will hit all major muscle groups evenly.
A MYZONE heart rate monitor allows you to track your effort in real time using bluetooth technology and your smart phone. Similiar to the IC7, MYZONE also uses distinct color zones to display your current percentage of maximum hear rate. The color of your tile will show blue, green, yellow, or red based on how hard your heart is working, which shows both you and your SweatBoss how much gas you have left in the tank. MYZONE also allows you to view your workout summary after class and compare with friends.
If you opt in, all MYZONE tiles will be displayed on TV screens during SweatBox classes. Being able to glance up at the screen to see how you’re doing means you don’t have to carry your phone on you, plus it gives a good comparison to how hard you’re working versus everyone else in the class. Not into putting your workouts on display? Let us know you’d prefer not to have your MYZONE tile linked to the screen and we’ll keep it off for you!
Your SweatBoss will suggest a weight for each exercise, but the choice is up to you. Each station will include a set of 12, 15 & 20 lb dumbells, so you can use different weights for different exercises.
Nope! That’s the beauty of SweatBox, everything you need is located right on your platform. Having each piece of equipment within arms reach means quick transitions and more time Sweating.

The aftermath

By using MYZONE you’ll get a detailed report of every workout immediately after class. You’ll eventually see improvements in resting heart rate and quicker recovery after intense intervals. By taking your FTW test regularly, you should see an improvement in endurance during the cardio segments and an increase in your FTW number over time.
For maximum results, we recommend doing SweatBox three times a week. Ideally, you should complete one of each format each week to ensure you’re hitting every muscle group and not leaving any behind.
You’ll be thinking of us the next day. If you’re not used to strength training you can expect some soreness in the muscle groups used, and if you’re new to cycling then you’ll definitely feel it in your legs. Remember to stretch and hydrate as much as possible, and foam roll to help your muscles recover!
Absolutely! Your friends are our friends. For each friend you refer who purchases the New Client Package, we’ll add a free Sweat Session to your account.