We offer uniquely designed classes targeting specific areas of the body, making sure each muscle group has it’s chance in the spotlight.
All of our classes combine both strength & cardio training, so you’ll no longer suffer from wasted time spent at the gym.


Full Throttle

A 55-minute fast-paced class that challenges the entire body through weight training and intense cardio intervals. You'll utilize the suspension training straps, dumbbells, and coach-by-color bikes to hit all the muscle groups. This full body workout with efficiently build lean muscle and strip your body of excess fat.


push & Pull

The goal of this class is to increase muscle mass in your chest, back & shoulders. Challenge yourself with heavier weights than you might pick up in our Full Throttle class. Progress your pushups and pull-ups through movements that build your biceps, back, and forearms.


arms, abs, & Ass

Shape the limbs and chisel the core that we all love (and want) so much! Pick up heavier weights than you would in a Full Throttle class and get ready for some serious muscle burn. Never skip leg day! Plan to have trouble with stairs over the days ahead!



The perfect solution for athletes & runners, and those aspiring to be. This special 75-minute class focuses on overall body endurance and maintaining stamina by utilizing longer strength sets and longer bike sets. You’ll focus targeting your maximum heart rate between 70 and 85% so you can train aerobically. Take this class for four weeks, and you will feel improvements with your endurance during our regular classes, as well as your everyday workouts and activities.