#SweatStar: Lynda Pejic

If you’ve been to class any number of times in the past few months, you’ll recognize Lynda as the energetic personality sweating it out on the bike next to you and likely sticking around to chat after class. We’ve appropriately named her as our SweatBox hype girl, as her passion and continued enthusiasm for SweatBox Continue Reading..

Workout Smarter, Not Harder: Why SweatBox Works

It’s pretty easy to get onto auto-pilot at the gym, especially once you’ve found a routine you’re comfortable with. Quick warm-up, half an hour of weights, half an hour on your cardio machine of choice and you’re out the door. Sound familiar? Regular exercise is always a good thing but if measurable results are what Continue Reading..

Q & A with SweatBox Founder David von Storch

Over the past 12 months, the SweatBox concept has been brought to life through extensive market research, careful program design and extreme attention to every detail. SweatBox Founder and Urban Adventures President David von Storch shares with us the inspiration behind SweatBox and what the creation process has been like! Q: Describe the moment you Continue Reading..

How often should I workout at SweatBox?

When starting a new workout program, structure is key for following proper progression, achieving balanced results and improving overall fitness levels. This usually requires scheduling certain days for each muscle group, determining the ideal time to squeeze in your cardio before/after strength training and remembering to properly warm up and stretch each time. Most studios are really good Continue Reading..